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Welcome to the website of James Landman, Personal Trainer and Mental Coach specialized in sports and movement training.


Spring Offer:

Do you want to be fit and healthy this summer?

Do you finally want to change your lifestyle? Restore the balance between work, leisure and sports?

Do you want to become fitter, stronger and know what your nutritional needs are?

Do you want to loose or gain weight?

Then a Personal Trainingstraject with James Landman is the best gift you can give yourself to kickstart your summer of 2014. James works at studio iMoves for Yoga & Personal Training. So you don’t have to spend your time in a gym, with loud music and sportculture, training in the environment of our intimate yoga studio or outside in the fresh air can be very effective and fun!

24 x 1,5 hr personal training from € 90,- = € 2160,-
now only € 1800
(pay in advance, your personal schedule is made per month, paying in advance is meant as a commitment from you to the trainingstraject and you can count on the commitment of our trainer(s)

Are you looking for a personal trainer with a different vision on the concept of personal training? A vision where the sport result is not the main goal ? Where you are guided towards the right balance in your life between leisure, work, sports, and nutrition? Then you are on the right site!

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